Collapsed border fence and deployment of a new border police car pool

In December 2018 again a part of the fence at the bulgarian-turkish border collapsed. It was reported that this time it was a circa 12 kilometer long part in the region of Malko Tarnovo, due to heavy rain falls. The governor of the region, Vulcho Cholakov, announced that while the repair is accomplished, additional Border Police is being deployed.

On the 8th of March 2019, 70 new Range Rovers were delivered to the Bulgarian Border Police worth of 3,5 Million Euros, which were co-financed by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund. The vehicles will be used by the Border Police in the regional border stations Dragoman (at the bulgarian-serbian border), Elhovo (at the bulgarian-turkish border) and as well in Kjustendil (bulgarian-macedonian border).

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