Breaking News: 18 year old Afghan found dead near Bulgarian-Serbian border

A corpse of a 18-year-old Afghan national, was found in Vidin’s province in the village of Kosovo, which is located one kilometer from the border to Serbia. Most likely the man wanted to cross to from Bulgaria to Serbia. The body was found in an abandoned room of a pumping station and was only slightly dressed. It could be assumed that the man died because of starvation and frostbite. Still many people try to cross from Bulgaria to Serbia. Only on one day 41 people were caught by the Bulgarian border police.

In Vidin there were already a few people found dead, after they tried to cross the border in the last years: In winter 2014 four refugees died from frostbite near the village of Kireevo and during the month of September 2016 five refugees were killed by drowning in the Danube river after their boat turned in the water. Among the drowned were four children, the youngest was 5 years.

Such incidents are the final outcome of the closed, so called, Balkanroute. Now people are crossing illegally and have to go through extremely dangerous passages. Bordermonitoring Bulgaria (BMB) demands safe passages for all these people.

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